Greensburg Junior High School

Placement Process for Enriched Classes

Purpose of Curricular Program

The purpose of our curricular program at GJHS is to meet the diverse needs of our learners so that they are college and career ready.

Placement Process

Students who have been identified through the high ability testing process are placed in the enriched classes first. This process, developed in part through guidance by the Indiana Department of Education, is outlined here. The number of students identified as high ability typically represent less than 10% of any grade level.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do to get my child into the enriched classes?

  • There is little one can “do” to get into an enriched course. Students who excel at the highest level on the ISTEP+, or are identified through the high ability process, often demonstrate a natural affinity for a specific content or inherent aptitude. This reality is the impetus for the enriched classes to address students with these specific needs. 

2. Once my child is in an enriched class, will they always be placed in enriched classes?

  • No, placement is not guaranteed from year to year. As a child will experience variance in his or her social and academic development, the program must be flexible to account for the student’s developing needs. For example, a student may excel in a subject early on but begin to struggle with the increasing rigor and complexity in later grade levels. 

3. My child did not get placed in an enriched class and I don’t understand why. What can I do?

  • Students are placed in the enrichment classes as outlined in the procedures above. Do not hesitate to reach out to administration or the classroom teacher for clarification of the process. While we cannot discuss other student scores in relationship to your child’s scores, we will be happy to discuss the specific skills tested, your child’s strengths, and skills that are still being refined. 

4. My child didn’t qualify for the enrichment program, but I still believe he or she needs to be challenged. What can I do? 

  • Reach out to your child’s teachers and speak directly about his or her performance. Our teachers realize that every child learns differently. They work hard at developing activities that address these diverse needs in each of their classes. However, they also understand that there are insights you have as the parent/guardian that may prove invaluable to maximizing your child’s potential at school.  Your child’s teacher will be able to speak to the observed strengths of your child, and welcome any feedback you would like to share. 

5. What criteria is used to determine placement in science and social studies enrichment classes? 

  • The primary challenge for learners in junior high social studies and science classes is vocabulary. In light of this, the same data used for English Language Arts placements are also used for science and social studies. Typically, students who are enrolled in enriched English are automatically enrolled in enriched science and social studies classes.

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