Directions to Schools


Take Hwy. #46 East out of Greensburg. Football and track are held at the high school located on Hwy. #46 next to the flashing yellow light on the left. Basketball is held at the middle school gym. Turn right at the flashing yellow light and go past the church and then take a left. The gym sits on Mulberry Street.


Take I-74 to St. Leon/Lawrenceburg exit (State Road #1) turn left at the end of the exit. Go straight through the

4-way stop. This road will come to a "T," turn left at the "T" SR #52 and proceed to Brookville. To Franklin County Middle School, proceed through Brookville, to the "Y," and turn right on SR #101. Across from the Brookville Dam turn right, the middle school is located behind the high school and both are on this street..


Take SR 3 out of Greensburg on the by-pass turn left at the light to go to Westport and into North Vernon. Turn left on SR 7 and go to the intersection of SR 50. Go into Seymour on SR50 and continue into Brownstown. Go to Bridge St. by McDonalds and turn right and go through a 4-way stop to the school on the right.

To Hickory Hills, go on State Road 50 past a J-C Food Store and turn left on County Road 135 by a large Co-Op. About two miles out is Hickory Hills on the left.


Go to Columbus on State Road 46. Two blocks past North High School turn left on California Street. Go to 7th street and turn right and then go to Sycamore Street and turn left. Take a right on 6th street where the gym is located.


Take State Road 46 to Columbus and turn right on State Road 31 which is also called National Road. Turn right at the Burger King. Travel on State Road 31 past Kroger’s and go to the next light and turn left on Home Avenue. Go to the first 4-way stop sign and turn left. You will pass a parochial school and keep going and then go left back into Northside Middle School. You will park and enter the gym on ground level.


Take State Road 3 to Rushville, and go through the main part of town. At the light at the courthouse, turn right on Sate Road 44 which will take you to Connersville. For football, on the outskirts of Connersville, there is a flashing light on Gray Road. Turn right and go two blocks and turn left. This will take you to the high school football field.

For the gym, go down the hill on State Road 44 and make a left on Grand Street . Go to 20th Street. The Spartan Bowl is on the right. For the Middle School Gymnasium turn right on 20th Street and go to Indiana Street and make a right on Indiana. Go about 1/2 block, and the gym is in the old building on the right. (Across form the hospital)



Take Interstate 74 west towards Shelbyville. Take theState Road. 9 Greenfield exit and turn right off the exit ramp. Take State Road 9 to the flashing light which is State Road 52 and take a left. You will pass through towns such as Carlton (Findley) and go into New Palestine. Go through New Palestine and go to Mount Comfort Road. Take a right and the Doe Creek Middle school is about 2 miles down the road on your right.


Take I-74 to 275 south, take Lawrenceburg exit off of 275 south turn left at the stop light. Lawrenceburg High School will be approximately 1.5 miles on the right. Greendale Middle School is located on the next street past the high school by turning right by the football field. The Greendale Middle School is about 2 miles down the road on your right.

Second Choice:
Take I-74 to the St. Leon exit and turn right off the exit ramp. Stay on State Road 1 until you get to the intersection by the bridge at the edge of Lawrenceburg. Turn right over the bridge and turn left at the stop light, go down to the intersection at the bottom of the hill. Turn right at the bottom of the hill and follow this street up to the high school on your right. The football field is at the high school.

For the gym, at the light by the high school turn right and follow this back into the parking lot.


Take Interstate 74 west and get off at the Greenfield exit, State Road 9. Take a right at the end of the ramp and travel on #9 into Greenfield. Go to the light two blocks north of Park Ave. and turn left. Go to the first stop sign and go right. Take the curve and enter the Jr. High parking lot for all sports.

For golf, go to the first stop light entering Greenfield which is U.S. #40 and turn right. Go about one mile to the stop light and turn right on Morristown Pk. The golf course is about 300 yards away.


Take 74 West to Shelbyville and then take SR 44 West to Franklin. Turn left on SR 31 for 5 miles then right on SR 252. Go approximately 8 miles to flasher and the school is on the left.



Go on US 421 through the towns of Napoleon and Osgood. Keep on US 421 and the Jac-Cen-Del High School is on the left. This is where the cross country meets are held, in the back.


Go west on the by-pass to the flashing light on State Road 3 and turn left. Go through Westport to North Vernon and turn left on State Road 7. Go down the hill past the park and turn right on highway US 50. Go to Jennings County High School and turn into the high school for football and track. For the gym, pass the high school and turn left at the sign for entering North Vernon Middle School.


Take highway US 421 South all the way to Madison. At the stop light just past Jefferson Proving Grounds, turn right. Stay on this road to the next stop light. This is a major intersection and turn right at the light. Go down to the high school on your left, just past the fire station. Turn left into the high school drive. Follow this lane back to the junior high school.

For golf, Sunrise Golf Course is on US 421 on the hill. For Madison Country Club, go to the bottom of the hill and at the old police station turn right. Go through a blinking light and a traffic light and at Main Street go right (west). Go through about three lights until almost out of town. The country club is on the left on Main.


Take US 421 to Osgood and at the light at the Osgood Grub Company turn left ontoState Road 350. Take State Road 350 to the first flashing light in Milan and turn right onto route State Road 101. The Milan Sr./Jr. High is about 1/4 mile on the left.


Take interstate I-74 to I-465N. Turn right onto the I-465N ramp and go to I-69N and go to the Noblesville exit. Get off and turn left onto Hwy 37 and go to the first light and this is Hwy 32. Turn left and go through town and cross the White River. On Hwy 19 turn right past the bridge and go to the wooden sign for Morse Beach and turn left onto 196th street. Go to Morse Beach where the cross country meet is held.


Take Interstate I-74 to the SR. #9 exit and proceed right off of the ramp and go to Greenfield. Stay on #9 through Greenfield until it ends at a flashing stop light at SR#9 and SR#67. Post Restaurant is at this point. Turn right and follow SR#67 to the stop light where there is a Marathon Station, Clancy Restaurant and Pendleton High School. Turn left and go under a railroad viaduct. The middle school is behind the library on the left past the viaduct.


Go north on SR #3 to Rushville and go through downtown Rushville. For the Junior High, continue on SR#3 and

you will turn left at the school sign to go back to the junior high which is past the elementary school. For the football field, continue on SR#3 and turn left on 11th street and stay on this road and you will arrive at the high school where the jr. high plays.


Take SR #46 to Hartsville. Turn right directly across from the Quick Stop Market. Stay on this Road until you intersect with SR #9. Turn right on SR#9, go through Hope. At 600 East, turn left, Shelby Southwestern will be approximately 5 miles on the right.


Take the by-pass south out of town to the blinking yellow and turn left onto SR.#3. Go through Westport into North Vernon and turn left onto SR#7 and go down to the bottom of the hill and turn right on US #50. Go past Jennings Co. High School and continue on SR#50 into Seymour. For the high school, take #50 West and then turn right on Community Drive. Go under the underpass to the high school. For the Jr. High School, take US #50 West and turn right onto O'Brien Street at the Shell Station.


Take I-74 West and get off the fist Shelbyville exit by the Ford dealership. Turn left off of the ramp and go to the 3rd stop light. Turn left by the Golden Coral and go to the 4-way stop, which is McKay Road, and turn right. Stay on McKay crossing over SR #9 and the high school and middle school is on the right.



Take US#421 East out of Greensburg and go through Napoleon. Go into Osgood and turn left at the Osgood Grub Company at SR. 350. Continue on SR #350. You will come to South Dearborn High School on the left. The middle school is in back of the high school. All sports are played at this location.


Take Hwy. #421 out of Greensburg through Napoleon, Osgood and Versailles, continue right on 421South. Go to SR#129 (before the St. Police post) and turn left. Go to the first road on the right and turn onto Benham Road. The high school and jr. high are on the left and the elementary on the right.


Take Hwy. #46 towards Batesville, turn right on SR #229 (you will run into the church), turn right, then immediately back left. Basketball games are played in the student activity center (behind the church).


Take Interstate I-74 East to the St. Leon exit. Take the St. Leon exit and take a right at the end of the ramp. Go to the first road on the right and turn right. This will lead directly to the high school and the middle school on the right.


Take Interstate 74 west to the Fairland exit and once off, take a left off of the ramp (West) and travel approximately 1 1/2 miles to the small town. Take the first right (do not cross the R R tracks) and go to the first stop and take a right. Stay on this road and do not cross the interstate but turn onto the frontage road. Go left at the big green school sign and it is the first school. You can pass the Fairland exit and take the next exit, turn left off of the ramp, and then turn left once across the interstate onto frontage road and go back to the Triton Central schools.

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